Who doesn’t love classic print design. Elegant typography, stunning photography, cleverly written copy. A printed piece is often the first and sometimes only communication a company has with their customers. First impressions are vital.

SteelFish design loves the challenge that print design presents and we love to return to our design roots to work on these graphic design projects. Our main goal is to either create your identity or carry it through all of your collateral so that you are building a strong brand.

Our services include:
–  Identity Development – Logos
–  Corporate Branding – Annual reports, newsletters, brochures, announcements
–  Product and Packaging Design
–  Signage – Posters, banners, billboards
–  Advertising – Ads, brochures, flyers, direct mail, POS
–  Sales Support – Trade show booths, sell sheets, promotional items and clothing
–  Marketing Kits
–  Book Design

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