They say water follows the path of least resistance. So does our company. We thrive on being fluid, on changing course, making new paths, evolving, restructuring, inventing, creating. SteelFish understands that you can arrive at one place from several different directions, and we encourage it.

Our goal is to help you arrive at that place. Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes you take the scenic route but either way we look forward to the journey.

So tighten that life jacket the rapids are just ahead…

SteelFish Design is a staff of design consultants based in Plymouth and Pinckney, Michigan.

Founded in 2005 by Alecia Ray Sweeney a BFA Graduate of Western Michigan with over 20 years in the design industry, with the goal of offering clients custom design, programming and marketing with an emphasis on customer service.

Our projects and experience span across several industries. Our clients are small start-ups to large businesses. Please take the time to view all of the services we offer.

SteelFish Design is a woman-owned business.
A proud member of The 3/50 Project.
A Constant Contact Partner.







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