Now more than ever, your company website is becoming the public face of your business. A good website needs to make a personal connection to your customers, give them a feel for your brand, evoke emotion, tell a story, be informative, and be easy to find and use.


Our Plymouth, Michigan and Pinckney, Michigan design firm was created to merge the interactive medium and the print medium giving you a complete branding experience. We specialize in Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, WordPress and Marketing right in the metro Detroit area. Introduce your company to the world. Market new products. Launch your first website. Increase your sales. Look good doing it.

Our design and development experts understand the impact a well designed website can have on your business. With complete brand identity solutions, including websites and marketing materials for websites or print, SteelFish can help your company tell its story, eloquently and compellingly.

Whether your business is a million dollar venture, or a small non-profit,
SteelFish Design can help you feel like the big fish in the pond.

We invite you to swim a little deeper and we will show you how….

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