Do you feel lost at sea when it comes to Interactive Marketing and Branding? You’re not alone with the advent of the internet, search engines, email, social media, streaming video, podcasts, blogs, and rss feeds to name a few its hard to decide which way to paddle. That is when SteelFish cruises up in our motor boat and gets you up to speed.

First and foremost we work with you to set up a marketing and branding strategy by analyzing what you are currently doing, who your target market is and what you want to accomplish. We can then develop an Interactive Marketing Strategy that specifically fits your needs and your budget. Lastly we need to be able to measure the effectiveness of that strategy through use of web based tracking software or custom built software designed just for you.

Our services include:
–  Internet Marketing
–  Corporate, Product and Image Branding
–  Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn
–  Search Engine Optimization -SEO
–  Pay Per Click Advertising – PPC
–  Search Engine Marketing – SEM
–  Email Marketing
–  Affiliate Marketing

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