My WordPress website was hacked!

Help! My WordPress site was hacked! Over the last several years we have seen a significant increase in website hacking. And with open source products like WordPress where programmers (hackers) know the product inside and out they look for holes constantly to get in and cause chaos. Why was my website hacked you ask? It…

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Many people have heard about WordPress, most people think it is only a blog software, and originally it was. Today’s WordPress is now a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that when used allows our clients to easily update their website content. What we love is that we can make it do what we want as…

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Do you really need to hire a design firm

Yes. Hire a design firm. Now. Business owners all look for ways to save money. We get it. We do it too. But there are places to save money and there are places to spend money and design is one of them. To many times we see people trying to do their own design, logos,…

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What? You don’t have a dedicated mobile site?

SteelFish Design offers Dedicated Mobile Website Design! It is about time you dove into this century! Come on, jump in it is not that scary! Every one has a mobile phone why don’t you have a dedicated mobile website? SteelFish can offer a wide variety of features to help you do more with mobile. Touch-to-call,…

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New SteelFish Design Website Launched

SteelFish Design is proud to launch our new website and show off all of the great clients we have had the privilege to work with over the last 6+ years. Believe it or not it is hard as a design firm to keep caught up on your own website because you always seem to be…

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